“I’m a life-long musician and song writer. My only true wealth are the souls living and loving around me.” – Hurley

Musical contributions to Bella Lune:

Studio (2014-present): Synth, Bass, Programming & Production

Live: Synth, Bass & Production

Year Joined: 2008

First Live Show with Bella Lune: 2008 at Chasers Bar in Scottsdale, AZ with The Strand, Vertigo Venue and Brian Botkiller

Side Projects: coming soon

Hurley’s Favorites:

Bands: Nine Inch Nails, Iamx, How To Destroy Angels, Ohgr, Peter Murphy, The Birthday Massacre, Frontline Assembly, Filter, Ministry

Movies: The Matrix, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Books: I read online

Television: Discovery

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Quotes: “I’m like Bowie for Spiders” – Peter Murphy