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“Bella Lune aptly paint cinematic dreamscapes, combining celestial vocals with driving drums, aerial synths, and fanciful violin. – Phoenix New Times”

“[Bella Lune] mix gothic-styled guitars with nicely chunky synthleads while Fuchsia’s vocals should appeal if you like the style of The Birthday Massacre’s Chibi. – Side-Line Magazine”

“Dramatic fusion of guitar, piano, multi-layered vocals and a wide string section… What else can a romantic of the dark side desire? – Reflections Of Darkness”

“A soundtrack to the most wonderful, magical dream you’ve ever had. – Hard-Wired”

“Exquisite interplay between voice and guitar arrangements. –”

“Twilit melodies and starry ambience.“ Regen Magazine

“Imagine if Cranes and The Cure met in a dark alley. Abstracted Visions will appeal to fans of both bands as well as Cocteau Twins and Curve. –

“A fusion of modern trip-hop electro and post-shoegaze sensibility, interlacing slinky vocals and catchy synth lines, resulting in an engrossing listen that simulates the feeling of flowing through water.“

“Soul-stirring sound in a glamorous fantasy world.“ Bloodline 242 Dark Music Blog

Dreamy aerial sounds veil the listener, arousing the engaging feeling of absolute serenity and calmness.“ Reflections Of Darkness”

“Amazingly delicious, dreamy, and, at the same time, dark.“

“Morbidly cute.“ Shinto Records

“Catchy and complacent.“ Darkroom Magazine

“Transfixes the listener with a full-on psychedelic experience, like seeing the world on another plane of consciousness.“ Hard-Wired

“Fuchsia is a bewitching diva with an angelic voice that gives me the feeling of floating through air. Her beautiful melodies dance in the night sky. – Bloodline 242”

“Bella Lune is so good they really deserve their own genre name: Comforting Darkwave.“

“Recommended to those who roam the more emotional side of music light and dark.“ My Beloved Darkness”

“Excellent and spellbinding.“ Gothic Paradise

“Miss Fuchsia has the voice of an angel over the top of beautiful, crystalline, delicate, enchanting, musical brilliance.“ Bloodline 242 Dark Music Blog

“A darkly romantic blend of electro goth/pop, sometimes a little lightweight with an occasional playful edge that is offset by a more mysterious & fey mood.“ Hard-Wired

“Fuchsia and Kal3id manage to replicate, in their own unique way the beauty and lushness of bands like Cocteau Twins, Clan Of Xymox, Depeche Mode, and O.M.D.“ Eddie Lebario/DJ Manchester

“The sound of the Bella Lune is a gothic fairy tale with an attitude.“

“A mix of various new wave and ethereal influences.“ Gothic Paradise

“Atmospherically dense compositions sure to please the ears of fans from The Birthday Massacre and their likes, but also people who like minimalist Cold Wave arrangements with a good pinch of ambience and want to drift into the past for a while.“ Reflections Of Darkness

“Cure-like guitars mingle with memorable synthleads.“ Hard-Wired

“Fans of Switchblade Symphony, Collide, The Birthday Massacre, and Hungry Lucy will enjoy this masterpiece.“ Bloodline 242 Dark Music Blog

“Beautiful layers of guitars, hooky keyboard lines, propelled by bass synth and drum machine really lay the right backdrop for Fuchsia’s angelic vocal delivery.“ Eddie Lebario/DJ Manchester

“The songs are melancholic with dense atmospheres, wrapped in the sweet voice of Fuchsia (reminds me of Chibi of The Birthday Massacre).“ My Beloved Darkness”

“Melancholy Dark Wave/Electro-Goth/Gothic-Rock.“ Bloodline 242”

“Cold and vast soundscapes of which create the disturbing atmosphere of a prolonged haunting nightmare strengthened by the unearthly vocals of Fuchsia and the ominous beat of the drum.“ Reflections Of Darkness

“A lighter, girlier version of Clan Of Xymox.“ Hard-Wired

“Electronic loops, a nice bass groove with somber synths and guitars layered over the top, yet it’s all crowned with intelligent lyrics and captivating siren-like vocals.“ Gothic Paradise

“Kal3id’s guitar playing is dark and is filled with melancholic melodies.“ Bloodline 242”

“Tender heavenly voice rises above the music to drown in it again and melt in the soaring Synth lines and post-punk guitars.“ Reflections Of Darkness

“Step beyond a beautiful nightmare into this dark fantasy.“ Bloodline 242”

“Held me captive from the first listen.“ Gothic Paradise

“An outright gift to everyone who enjoys autumn melancholy.“ Reflections Of Darkness

“A lovely melange that is at once reminiscent of the new wave of the 80s and the goth rock of the 90s.“ Regen Magazine

“Slowly unfolding musical magic.“ Hard-Wired

“Listeners will get hooked on feeling dizzy.“ Bloodline 242”

“An ethereal gem with haunting elements starting with the vocals.“ Gothic Paradise

“Honey-like electro-gothic acclaimed by angels. “”

“The band’s sound, with the soothing voice of Fuchsia, adds in elements of Love Spirals Downward, Mephisto Walz, and My Bloody Valentine without being so overpowering in a full wall of noise.“

“Bella Lune has once again created sound magic.“ Bloodline 242”

“Goth/electro act Bella Lune has been a rising star in the scene since the release of the Abstracted Visions album in 2007, performing alongside such heavy-hitters as Voltaire, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Julien-K, I:Scintilla, and even crossing the seas to perform in Japan and be featured in numerous compilations.“ Regen Magazine

“Fuchsia’s voice glides along like silk on silk over the flowing electronics and the subtle grinding guitars providing the backdrop.“ Gothic Paradise

“A whiff of decadent emotionalism.“”

“Twinkling synths and restrained dance beats underscore a somber violin melody while Fuchsia’s vocals hover ghostlike.“ Regen Magazine

“Somber, haunting electronic. – Gothic Paradise”

“Songs like Ophelia, Illogical Logic, and Spiral Effect recall the dark electro-pop of early Depeche Mode.“ Regen Magazine

“Retrieves classic goth-wave sound with dry drumming and guitar reminiscent of the Cure.“”

“The music has that perfect feel of the sound on the The Cure’s Faith CD (1981) without being too low-key and gray.“

“The rickety bass and shimmering guitars that resonate throughout, especially on songs like A Different Effect, Unanswered Questions, and Last Words will surely remind many listeners of The Cure.“ Regen Magazine

Driving guitars, along the lines of shoegazer, meets a classic gothic rock style.“ Gothic Paradise

“Fuchsia actually knows perfectly how to pinch the wires that lead directly to the heart of the listener, sensitive and melancholy, gaining fully those who have the inclination to sentimentality faded and the sounds sung with languid eyes.“

“The cloudy atmospheres of reverberating guitars and synthesizers on The Finite One will doubtlessly appeal to fans of the more mystical modes of Faith and the Muse.“ Regen Magazine

“Fascinating light electro-goth voice mixed with bass lines and an evocative touch of synth.“

“The Dolly Pop Song possesses an almost whimsically erotic quality offset by Fuchsia’s vocals, which sound at times remarkably similar to Cranes’ Allison Shaw.“ Regen Magazine”

“Innocent shades of pink color with a dreamy quality.“

“Pulsating electronics with the heavenly vocals” – Gothic Paradise