Abstracted Visions 2007/2008 Album Reviews:

“Imagine if Cranes and The Cure met in a dark alley… Abstracted Visions will appeal to fans of both bands as well as Cocteau Twins and Curve. —

“On their debut album, Bella Lune draws influences from many of darkwave and coldwave’s luminaries delivering a record that will appeal to fans of Collide, and Switchblade Symphony. The final product ‘Abstracted Visions’ is a fusion of modern trip-hop electro and post-shoegaze sensibility, interlacing slinky vocals and catchy synth lines, resulting in an engrossing listen that simulates the feeling of flowing through water. —

“Soul-stirring sound in a glamorous fantasy world… “Abstracted Visions” is a combination of Dream-Pop/Trip-Hop/Shoegaze/Darkwave/Electro-Goth. Miss Fuchsia has the voice of an angel over the top of beautiful, crystalline, delicate, enchanting, musical brilliance… A fantastic way to build sound. “Abstracted Visions” is my favorite new album of 2008. Fans of Switchblade Symphony, Collide, The Birthday Massacre, and Hungry Lucy will enjoy this masterpiece.” — Bloodline 242 Dark Music Blog” (Translated from Japanese)

“Abstracted Visions” is an album with atmospherically dense compositions sure to please the ears of fans from THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE and their likes, but also people who like minimalist Cold Wave arrangements with a good pinch of ambience and want to drift into the past for a while might want to risk an ear on this well crafted debut. — Reflections Of Darkness

“When I listen to “Abstracted Visions” I hear flashes of my some of my favourite bands of all-time on gorgeous pop songs like ‘Out Of Control’, ‘Transmissions’, Neverwhere’, ‘Underwater’, and ‘Blissful Escape’. Fuchsia and Kal3id manage to replicate, in their own unique way the beauty and lushness of bands like Cocteau Twins, Clan Of Xymox, Depeche Mode, and O.M.D., just to name a few. Beautiful layers of guitars, hooky keyboard lines, propelled by bass synth and drum machine really lay the right backdrop for Fuchsia’s angelic vocal delivery. Finding music of this caliber and a stage show to match in Phoenix, Arizona is really a thing of beauty, but that’s just what Bella Lune delivers. There is hope yet for another breakout band from Phoenix. — Eddie Lebario/DJ Manchester

Immediately after beginning to listen to “Abstracted Visions”, one may end up comparing Bella Lune with Switchblade Symphony. Not only is there a striking similarity between Fuchsia’s vocals and Switchblade Symphony’s Tina Root but, in both bands, the vocal element is the main driving force for the songs, with the instrumental part playing a decidedly secondary role. However, Bella Lune’s instrumental arrangements are more complex and layered in a suitably subtle manner, reinforcing the dreamlike quality of the songs and of the quasi-surreal lyrical content. Agreeable listening for a lazy (but quirky) afternoon or late evening if cute and non-pretentious goth-tinted pop is the listener’s cup of tea. —

“Morbidly cute. — Shinto Records

Synesthesia 2010 Album Reviews:

“Synesthesia” features 14 songs with sounds ranging from Depeche Mode, Switchblade Symphony, Clan of Xymox, Ladytron, The Cure and Collide. The songs are melancholic, autumn, with dense atmospheres, wrapped by the sweet voice of Fuchsia (reminds me of something a Chibi of The Birthday Massacre). The songs become danceable at times with strong rhythms, and others are more slow and atmospheric. “Synesthesia” is an album to listen to carefully, you will discover interesting things and even some gems, like the emotive “Denial,” the atmospheric “This and the other”, or “Ophelia,” which is sung in duet with Kal3id. In the Depeche Mode style we have “Illogical logic”. The rhythmic side includes “Last Words”, “Spiral Effect” and an electro remix, “Silent and Still” by Black Jacket. A captivating album, recommended to those who roam the more emotional side of music light and dark” — My Beloved Darkness (Translated from Spanish by Google)

“Miss Fuchsia and Kal3id have released their long-awaited new album “Synesthesia”, and played a memorable concert in Japan this year. The latest album “Synesthesia” has a Dark Wave/Electro-Goth/Gothic-Rock feel and is a very melancholy piece of work. Fuchsia is a bewitching diva with an angelic voice that gives me the feeling of floating through air. Her beautiful melodies dance in the night sky. Kal3id’s guitar playing is dark and is filled with melancholic melodies, the Mono-Shiku, and is beautiful. Step beyond a beautiful nightmare into this dark fantasy. Listeners will get hooked on feeling dizzy. Bella Lune has once again created sound magic.” — Bloodline 242 (Translated from Japanese by Google)

“Established in 2005 by Fuchsia and Kal3id, American band BELLA LUNE released their debut album ‘Abstracted Visions’ in 2008, received a lot of positive feedback and devoted the following two years to the active touring and live performances, during which they shared the stage with such bands as AYRIA, THE CRUXSHADOWS, PETER MURPHY, BELLA MORTE, NITZER EBB and many others. This summer, BELLA LUNE gave away their second full length album ‘Synesthesia’ with a charity benefit show as a release party. The opener ‘Denial’ commences with the melancholic strings and rather minimalistic arrangements accompanying Fuchsia’s chatoyant angelic vocals to blossom into carrying away dramatic fusion of guitar, piano, multi-layered vocals and wide string section. In romantic ‘Ophelia’ Kal3id joins Fuchsia making a harmonious gentle duet and also embellishes the song with ascending guitar solo. Light and imponderable, sung in the subtlest voice ‘Illogical Logic’ with the Synth passages resembling a bit of Depeche Mode contrasts sharply with ‘No Escape’ cold and vast soundscapes of which create the disturbing atmosphere of a prolonged haunting nightmare strengthened by the unearthly vocals of Fuchsia and the ominous beat of the drum in the ending. The following ‘The Dolly Pop Song’ stands out of the rest of the album both lyrically and musically being the most danceable and the most electronic track that expresses quite plain lyrics perfectly fitting its title: Deviate, violate, fornicate, penetrate / The dolly pop song / Fuck me eyes. But in the end the sound yields to the dark descending atmospherics conveying the general mood of ‘Synesthesia’. The song may diversify the sound of the album but the appropriateness of such diversifying is open to question, in my opinion. Dreamy aerial sounds in the beginning of ‘Unanswered Questions’ veil the listener, arousing the engaging feeling of absolute serenity and calmness. The heartfelt singing in the chorus adds a slight tinge of sadness to the song, but in no way depressing. The last tracks of the album, ‘So Long Ago’ and ‘The Finite One, share the similar sensation of the blue calm. The release also includes a Black Jacket Remix on ‘Silent and Still’. The song was converted into a pure club-oriented track with all essential components such as straight beat, changing rhythm and simple arrangements. So, only vocals seem to last from the original version. Despite ‘Synesthesia’ is far from being an innovation on the gothic scene; it still represents a thorough work that may become an outright gift to everyone who enjoys autumn melancholy. Tender heavenly voice rises above the music to drown in it again and melt in the soaring Synth lines and post-punk guitars, what else can a romantic of the dark side desire?.” — Reflections Of Darkness

“The cover of this album might give the impression that this is a British electro/goth pop duo but no, Fuschia & Kal3id hail from the US. The impression given of the music is pretty accurate, though, as this indeed is a darkly romantic blend of electro goth/pop, sometimes a little lightweight with an occasional playful edge that is offset by a more mysterious & fey mood in places thanks partly to the reverb that virtually every track is bathed in with actually stops the album becoming too accessible which is a definite plus. Thus it’s an intriguing prospect that is just different enough to make its mark, the sometimes offbeat moods giving this a potential appeal far beyond pop lovers as proven by such fine tracks as the surging ‘A Different Effect’ or ‘Illogical Logic’ where some Cure-like guitars mingle with memorable synth leads with the ever-present reverb again adding to the mix. I was reminded of a lighter, girlier version of Clan Of Xymox on tracks such as the opening ‘Denial’ & ‘Last Words’, the latter of which, while having its charms which come to the fore as the track progresses, does sound a tad wishy-washy due to its faster tempo giving it a rather lightweight feel. It’s not helped by the fact it follows the slowly unfolding musical magic that is ‘Unanswered Questions’, the Oriental flavours of which add to the otherworldly feel, like a soundtrack to the most wonderful, magical dream you’ve ever had. So potent is this feeling that it even works its magic on a rainy thursday afternoon (and I speak from experience here!). However, as good as this track is, even this is eclipsed by the wonderous ‘So Long Ago’ which transfixes the listener with a full-on psychedelic experience, like seeing the world on another plane of consciousness; one things for sure, if I ever take a flight (astral or otherwise) above the clouds on a moonlit night, this is the track I want playing! That the music lends itself to such flights of fancy speaks volumes for its impressionistic qualities so the closing Black Jacket Remix of ‘Silent & Still’, which is aimed fairly & squarely at the dancefloor sounds a little jarring & somewhat out of place but, taken on its own merits, it’s a pleasant enough little ditty & if it leads to club exposure for the duo & more people discovering what they are about then that’s fair enough!” — Hard-Wired

“This is the project of duo Fuchsia and Kal3id. They got their start in 2005, released their first album in 2007 and here we have their sophomore work. It’s nice to have a CD full of music with fourteen tracks it’s great to have more than just a handful of pieces to listen to. The overall style of the band and this album is a mix of various new wave and ethereal influences. As we dig into various pieces, this becomes more apparent. The CD comes packed in a imple cardboard digipack case with credits and a collage of pictures for a nice, simple package. The first three tracks on this album are excellent and spellbinding and are in my mind, the perfect tracks from this group. Just in these three pieces there is diversity and beauty showing what they are capable of. “Denial” is the first of these with it’s mid-tempo, yet dance-friendly, catchy rhythm that moves along nicely. We have some simple electronic loops, a nice bass groove with somber synths and guitars layered over the top, yet it’s all crowned with intelligent lyrics and captivating siren-like vocals. This gives way to “This And The Other” which is more of an ethereal gem with haunting elements starting wit the vocals. Fuchsia’s voice glides along like silk on silk over the flowing electronics and the subtle grinding guitars providing the backdrop. “Ophelia” is the final of the introductory trio of pieces that held me captive from the first listen. This is another somber dance piece with classic new wave elements mixed with modern ethereal touches. More variety comes into play with the vocal duet on the chorus with Kal3id lending his vocals for a nice offsetting touch to the heavenly female vocals. The structure of the track is beautiful as well, beyond just the instruments and vocals, the interlude just over halfway through the track with it’s somber piano and ethereal elements is a perfect example of a part that enthralls the listener. With these pieces I knew I had a new favorite album to enjoy. While most of the rest of the album is excellent, I didn’t quite find other pieces at the level of these first three. The following piece “A Different Effect” comes really close with it’s simple new wave elements and as always, Fuchsia’s captivating vocals. “Illogical Logic”, “Spiral Effect”, “Unanswered Questions” and “Last Words” all stand out in their own light from the new wave style to the modern electronics or ethereal dreamscapes. In general the variety in the song structures and overall moods and styles keep me interested throughout the entire album up to the basic electro-pop remix of “Silent and Still (Black Jacket Remix)”. — Gothic Paradise

“The debut of 2007 “Abstracted Visions” had already drawn the line in which would later be fully developed by the creativity of American Bella Lune, a Phoenix band dedicated to a honey-like electro-gothic acclaimed by angels. Fuchsia (synth/drums/vox) and Kal3id (guitars/bass) and the rest of Bella Lune have shared the stage with Ayria, The Cruxshadows, I: Scintilla, Lycia, Regenerator, Icon Of Coil. The latter release ‘Synesthesia’, produced by the Aetheria Music label is track-list graced by the voice of Fuchsia, and is a recording of innocent shades of pink color with a dreamy quality. The sound of the Bella Lune is a gothic fairy tale with an attitude. Fuchsia actually knows perfectly how to pinch the wires that lead directly to the heart of the listener, sensitive and melancholy, gaining fully those who have the inclination to sentimentality faded and the sounds sung with languid eyes. One example is the opening track “Denial”, electro-goth delicate and melodious song which makes use of the violin played by Beeka, dipped in the graceful vocals of the singer. “This And Other” is an episode that explores the tenuous atmosphere scratched muted guitar played by Kal3id, and “Ophelia” retrieves classic goth-wave sound with dry drumming and guitar reminiscent of the Cure. Rhythmic song “A Different Effect”, is a danceable track that is harmonized by the sensual voice of Fuchsia. The fragile frescoes depicting gothic electronics, can be heard on the more rigid and beautiful, “Who Knows”. The influences gave clear waver in the score for “Illogical Logic”, a song from malicious put sweetened voice of singer, and later with “No Escape”. “The Dolly Pop Song” accepts the essential and graceful structures of electropopper, without straying from the ordinary by following “Spiral Effect”, convincing the fascinating light electro-goth voice mixed with bass lines and evocative touch of synth. “Unanswered Questions” plays with slow guitar-percussion and lyrical dream, while “Last Words” takes hold with atmospheric guitar riffs and lyrics expressed by romantic goth. Ethereal voice, reverb, slowly caressing the strings plucked by the Electric guitar and down tempo drumming to the nostalgic “So Long Ago”, passed by the exquisite interplay between voice and guitar arrangements dream of “The Finite One.” Closing the album is an unexpected and graceful dance-floor “Silent And Still (Black Jacket Remix) with the synth drum planned by Zachary O’Haire; This album is certainly advisable to thick slabs of goth-girls who will be the subject of worship. Those who can enjoy the soft pallor of dawn or the rising of the kiss received from the wind walking thoughtfully among solitary paths, will receive this album well. A whiff of decadent emotionalism. ” — Translated from Italian by Google

“[Bella Lune] mix gothic-styled guitars with nicely chunky synthleads while Fuchsia’s vocals should appeal if you like the style of The Birthday Massacre’s Chibi (I actually thought it was her on one of the inner sleeve pics!). All in all, this is a nicely intriguing release that’s different enough to stand out from the crowd & is well worth checking out.” — Side-Line

“The sophomore album is never an easy task, especially for a band that has experienced a great deal of good fortune in a short amount of time since the debut. Founded in 2005, goth/electro act Bella Lune has been a rising star in the scene since the release of the Abstracted Visions album in 2007, performing alongside such heavy-hitters as Voltaire, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Julien-K, I:Scintilla, and even crossing the seas to perform in Japan and be featured in numerous compilations. With Synesthesia, Fuchsia and Kal3id take their appealingly dark flights of fancy further with twilit melodies and starry ambience.

‘Denial’ sets the stage for the album as twinkling synths and restrained dance beats underscore a somber violin melody while Fuchsia’s vocals hover ghostlike in the mix, making for a lovely and ethereal opener. Throughout the album, Bella Lune displays a penchant for combining various influences into a lovely melange that is at once reminiscent of the new wave of the 80s and the goth rock of the 90s. Songs like ‘Ophelia’, ‘Illogical Logic’, and ‘Spiral Effect’ recall the dark electro-pop of early Depeche Mode, while the rickety bass and shimmering guitars that resonate throughout, especially on songs like ‘A Different Effect’, ‘Unanswered Questions’, and ‘Last Words’ will surely remind many listeners of The Cure. The cloudy atmospheres of reverberating guitars and synthesizers on ‘The Finite One’ will doubtlessly appeal to fans of the more mystical modes of Faith and the Muse, while ‘The Dolly Pop Song’ possesses an almost whimsically erotic quality offset by Fuchsia’s vocals, which sound at times remarkably similar to Cranes’ Allison Shaw.

There is very little negative to say about Bella Lune Synesthesia the production is effective, the songs catchy and melodic. At the same time, there is also not much that distinguishes Bella Lune from most other goth/electro groups, and while this certainly helps the band gain favor alongside the likes of The Birthday Massacre or The Crüxshadows, it will be nice to hear how Fuchsia and Kal3id develop their sound in the future to become a standout act in the genre. Regardless, Synesthesia is an album that hits more than it misses and is worth more than a few listens. – Regen Magazine

Ophelia Maxi-Single 2011 Reviews:

“Capitalizing on this excellent track from their sophomore album, we have this excellent maxi single. Featuring nine total tracks, it gives us plenty of great music to listen to, including just three remixes of the original title track and the rest are all additional remixes from other selections from both albums including a brave cover of Joy Division’s “Dead Souls”.

We kick it off with the “Video Mix” of “Ophelia”. The original piece is a definite favorite from their album Synesthesia and so it’s great to have this excellent single with these remixes. The “Video Mix” is the most like the original, adding just a bit more texture, some heavier guitars and so forth, for a really captivating track and re-emphasizing why this is a definite favorite from this band. Check out the video as well, it’s not a big budget picture, but it’s fun nevertheless. The second remix is the “Riddles & Rhymes Mix” which takes a bit more of minimalistic electronic, sort of a new wave synthpop style, still fun, but not the greatest. The final remix appears towards the end of the disc and is also quite minimalistic and subdued, the beat and shimmering guitars actually taking the forefront.

The other tracks appearing on this disc are a nice selection, with some good remixes. Daniel Myer of Haujobb, Destroid and about a dozen other projects appears with his remix of “Blissful Escape”. This is a somewhat somber, haunting electronic piece helps to create a nice balance, allowing the monotone vocals to dominate while the electronic loops and smooth guitar move it along nicely. A couple of other tracks really stand out on this disc. First of all, it takes guts to cover some of the all-time greats like “Dead Souls”. This piece is a legendary classic on it’s own, one of those sacred gems that many will remember Nine Inch Nails covered well, and I have to admit with the heavy percussion, driving electronics and guitars with Fuchsia’s slightly distorted vocals, they managed to pull it off. It sounds a bit more like a cover of Nine Inch Nails’ cover, but I give the band props for pulling it off so well, remaining true to form of the original, and showing a darker, harsher, more dynamic side to this group that I would love to see more of. The final remix on the album is also a piece that jumped right out at me as another masterpiece. If I were to compile selections of what I think are the best sides of Bella Lune, along with “Denial”, “Ophelia”, the aforementioned “Dead Souls” cover, this piece would be at the top of the list. The excellent inclusion of the driving guitars, along the lines of shoegazer meets classic gothic rock style, really makes this piece stand out, as if it were written exactly for this mix.

The other pieces are decent with the exception of “The Dolly Pop Song” (sorry, I know the fetish crowd loves this piece, but oh well…), I still skip this track on this disc. We have a modern electro dub-step type remix appearing for “This and the Other” with the “Dystonix Mix”. This style can be fun with the stuttering synths and moving beats, definitely a nice catch for the young crowd that seems to enjoy the dub step style that’s evolved out of a mix of techno, noiz, drum n bass, etc. “Silent and Still” is one of those favorites from the album and they took they dreamy, somber piece and added some “oomph” to it with some solid beats and heavy electronics and guitars.

There you have it, another stellar work, nearly the length of an album with some great dynamics and variety. Something along the lines of your typical remix album, but we definitely have some good selections here that are worth checking out. — Gothic Paradise

“First impression from listening to the opening track, Ophelia, is that this is amazingly delicious, dreamy, and, at the same time, dark. So, what makes this 9 track CDEP so good?? The music has that perfect feel of the sound on the The Cure’s Faith CD (1981) without being too low-key and gray. The band’s sound, with the soothing voice of Fuchsia, adds in elements of Love Spirals Downward, Mephisto Walz, and My Bloody Valentine without being so overpowering in a full wall of noise.

Bella Lune is so good they really deserve their own genre name: Comforting Darkwave.

The Ophelia EP contains several mixes of the title track, each with its own mood. The Ask For Joy mix of Ophelia makes this whole Ep worth getting, but really, if you haven’t heard this band, all of the tracks, remixes from previous releases, get impressively better after each listen. Track 3, Blissful Escape, and track 9, Underwater, and track 6, Silent and Still, are all remixes from the 2008 CD titled Abstracted Visions. This and The Other, Ophelia, and The Dolly Pop Song, which brings to mind the erotic styling of the Lords of Acid, are from Synesthesia, Bella Lune’s 2010 CD. Also included on this EP is “Dead Souls“ a Joy Division cover.

To say we love Ophelia is an understatement.” —


Secrets 2013 Album Reviews:

“My first impression of Bella Lune was based off a few tracks from a compilation I got few years ago. The Phoenix-based darkwave act reminded me of a harder version of Switchblade Symphony and sadly I failed to see their promise outside of that initial sampling. Thankfully an old friend told me once, “Never trust first impressions, and always demand a second.” I’m grateful I followed his advice because after listening to Secrets, I have a completely new appreciation for this band.

Secrets is Bella Lune’s third full-length album and is an excellent example of how a darkwave band can blend the dreamy side of Goth with the increasingly popular electronic forms of dark alternative music. The album fuses shoegaze guitars with soft trippy beats and female-led vocal harmonies to create a musical world full of dusty attics, old memories, and digital life speaking through the shadows. Any ghosts that are haunting this aural space are “in the shell”. Secrets has a very easy flow throughout the album. It opens with synth-heavy darkwave numbers, slides into some softer sounding but still electro goth rock, shifts into a few shoegaze indie tracks, and closes out with some sinister darkwave songs. I appreciate a good flow to an album, especially when there are so many genres and sub-genres at play, and Secrets nails this flow allowing the band to demonstrate their diverse sound perfectly.

The album opens with “Hollow Hearts”, which is decidedly darkwave with its haunting vocals and steady clapping beat. The synths and guitars create a nostalgic attic-goth atmosphere, but the choppy altering of vocals in the chorus expresses the synthetic feel of modern goth rock.. I get the visual image of some tragic goth lolita character playing with broken computer parts rather than dolls and photographs. “The Biggest Lies” sees the band shed its softer side and gets angry with heavier beats courtesy of drummer R. Duke and guitars by Kal3id. Lead Vocalist, Fuchsia sounds small and timid in contrast to the wall of sound being built here, but the high pitched synths help to bring her voice more to the front. Songs like “The Wrong Way Home”, “Utopian Dreams”, and “Common Consciousness” ditch their electronic side almost entirely and are bouncy indie-rock/shoegaze pieces. Bella Lune have an organic sound on these tracks, even though the synths and digital vocal alterations are still in use. I really enjoyed how the band incorporates a violin on songs like “Utopian Dreams” and “The Afterglow”. Violinist Beeka makes her contributions to the tracks well known, but isn’t singled out, like many goth bands will do. Don’t get me wrong, I love violins and cellos in dark alternative music, but not every album needs to give them solos. Closing out the album proper is “Take a Stand” which shifts back into a predominantly electronic sound with crunchy bass and synths, whispering vocals, and keening violin.

After listening to Secrets I’m glad I gave Bella Lune a second chance. I’ve read more than one review that supported my Switchblade Symphony clone impression, but I’m happy to say those reviews are wrong. Bella Lune is a clone of no one. They pull from every facet of goth rock out there to create a patchwork creature that is unique. While their sound can shift from darkwave to alterna-pop to shoegaze pretty quickly, the fact that the band can live under so many umbrellas at once is impressive. I’m tempted to put Secrets on my top 10 list for 2013. There’s not a single song off the album I don’t like, and it is some of the most progressive sounding goth rock I’ve heard in a long while.

I cannot recommend this album highly enough.” — Grave Concerns E-Zine

“Fuchsia and Kal3id are back on track after a hiatus of several years. This American duo unleashed their 3rd full length with the help of their live members who contributed for the very first time to the writing process.

“Secrets” deals with a kind of melancholic reverie that can be defined as goth-pop music. The typical guitar-wave play injects a dark element to the music. On top of this moody atmosphere emerge the fragile and delicate vocals of Fuchsia. Her timbre of voice sometimes reminds me a bit of one of the Tattoo girls.

“Secrets” features several beautiful songs. A few compositions have been refined by violin parts reinforcing the melancholia of the production. “Secrets” sometimes comes pretty close to ballads while still evoking souvenirs of Cocteau Twins. But there also is a little pop- flavor emerging from a few cuts. Take A Stand is an efficient track in the pop vein. A few other tracks are characterized by a more psychedelic guitar style, which totally matches with the evasive aspect of this work. ‘Utopian Dream’ definitely is a song to watch out for.

I also want to say a word about the fine and dreamy artwork of this digipak. You can see the singer sitting near an old box she has opened with a piano and the crescent of the moon in the background. It looks dreamy just like the songs revealed on this “Secrets”.

Conclusion: “Secrets” is a fully enjoyable album featuring a dark reverie mixing pop and new-wave with delicacy. ” — Side-Line Magazine

“This band continues to grow and create new music and have enjoyed some great live shows in many different parts of the world. Amidst all of this and everything else the artists are involved in, they’ve been able to find time to put together another excellent set of tracks for a new album. This one includes eight new pieces with a new remix of “Transmissions” that I think fans will enjoy with a more upbeat style. All of this makes for a nice set of fairly diverse music for a great album listeners and readers should enjoy.

Like the other works I’ve reviewed here, the album starts of really strong with some excellent pieces and then kind of drifts along with the other tracks, while still excellent selections, they just don’t grab me quite like the first few do. After their Nine Inch Nails-esque cover of “Dead Souls” I thought we might see a little more of an edge coming from this group, something I really enjoyed with that cover and have enjoyed with some of their more upbeat and solid pieces. While maybe not as edgy, “Hollow Hearts” kicks it all off with a nice moving dream-pop sound, and a definite favorite on this album. The simple beat and layers of subtle synths under the moving guitar work buoying up Fuschia’s dreamy vocals create a real masterpiece that listeners on both our club and ethereal mix really enjoy. “The Biggest Lies” picks up next and is another great piece to start off the album, this one definitely includes a bit more of an edge in both the percussion and guitar for a nice little twist. This brings us to my definite favorite and highlight of the album “Utopian Dream”. It features all of the excellent and favorite styles and elements from this band from the ethereal, dreamy beauty of the vocals and electronics to the solid, dance-friendly beat all coupled with a solid, heavy bass and somber guitar variations for a really excellent piece.

Now as the album continues, I don’t want anyone to think that the rest is boring or poorly done in any way, it’s really just simply that “Hollow Hearts” and “Utopian Dream” are just so well done, that the others just kind of pale in comparison. With that said, we have a great mix of ethereal pieces that are haunting and dreaming while others a bit more upbeat, really bringing out that dream-pop style, and still others pack it all together, dreamy, upbeat, ethereal and dance-friendly all together. Fuschia’s siren-like vocals definitely help whether clear or slightly vocoded, they lure the listener into a dreamy web that holds the listener entranced across each piece. A couple of other piece just worth mentioning that do a great job of capturing these styles are “The Afterglow” and “Common Conciousness”. The former is a bit more dreamy across all elements, while the latter is much more upbeat but still very mesmerizing and fun. The album wraps up with an excellent remix of “Transmission”, the “Live Mix”, probably the version you would hear at their concerts. It’s a little more solid take with moving rhythms while losing nothing of the original spatial, mysterious, ethereal moods.

That pretty much sums it up. For those that have enjoyed their previous albums and enjoy the dream-pop style they manage to pull off with a mix of ethereal and electronic and new wave styles, you’ll definitely love this album, it’s packed with some great material, a definite new classic for any collection. Rating: 4.5/5. ” — Gothic Paradise

“It would be easy to recycle the same old adjectives that fill the various coverage of Bella Lune Phoenix’s renowned dreamy Darkwave act over the years. With two albums full of synth-laced Goth and Darkwave, glittering with vocalist Fuchsia Angel’s airy falsettos and an electronic ambiance that echoes back to Clan of Xymox and Depeche Mode, waxing lyrical about their sound seems like it should be an easy accomplishment.

But Secrets is a curveball for Bella Lune. In this new album, they tone down the electronics and opt for a sound a little more visceral and organic. “Hollow Hearts” is a dramatic one-man symphony of synth beneath Angels swelling treble and a distant droning guitar line. “The Biggest Lies” uses subtle Industrial undertones to take a jab at the 1% fat cats. “Utopian Dream” is a serene passion play that twists between Indie Rock guitar riffs and gentle violin moonbows. The one-two punch of “The Afterglow” and “The Wrong Way Home” is a guitar-dominated centerpiece. The former is overlapped with rhythmic acoustics and hazy daydream synth lines and Angel’s soft wail, while the latter is a brooding Post-Punk crawl with a steady, rumbling bass line that echoes the gloom and doom of The Cure’s early albums. “Common Consciousness” consists of playful vocal melodies reminiscent of The Birthday Massacre, with a toned-down approach that utilizes soft acoustics. The anomaly “Another” is like a minimalist trance song with spacey vocal harmonies dancing above distant techno dabbling. “Take a Stand” is a crunchy dirge of urgency, a summation of the album drenched in rough sandpaper production across a background of violin and Darkwave dance rock.

Secrets as a whole takes a step back from the dramatic poeticism and chilly dance beats that populated Bella Lune’s past work. The new songs root themselves in different textures and atmospheres. The cohesive feel is a raw, open examination of their music stripped down yet enhanced.

The previous albums, Abstracted Visions and Synesthesia, were lonely, far-away Goth albums, calling from a deep dark pit in a black lake at midnight. Secrets is the warmer side of their sound, a golden beam shooting across an ebony sky. Even the revised version of “Transmissions” is more lively, dramatizing the chorus and beefing up the guitar riffs, along with a harrowing violin solo to close it out. The earthy sounds are still paved with electronic sensibilities, but the guitars and organic pigments are given brighter places to shine. It’s still somber and reflective, but with a vociferous undertaking that pushes Bella Lune into new territory.” — Coma Music Magazine

Tranzendance 2015 Album Reviews:

“Two things that I’ve grown to enjoy from this band is their excellent ethereal synthpop style and variety across their body of work with Fuchsia’s dreamy vocals over a variety of electronica and electro-pop in various tempos, intensity and moods. Tranzendance So when I first started listening to this album I can’t say I was surprised in the various subtle shifts in song structure, yet also holding on to the definite Bella Lune sound. The album spans a dozen tracks of this excellent mix of electronica-infused ethereal synthpop for a nice variety of music. This release is also a charity release supporting a good cause, so fans can go buy the new album from the band’s bandcamp page and support a good cause at the same time!

“Onward” kicks it off setting the stage with the dreamy background synths and Fuchsia’s vocals also sounding very dreamy and subdued with the heavy synth bass line taking the forefront on the album with a subtle, yet moving beat. Depending on the volume you listen to this and many of the tracks it could be a soft, ethereal piece to listen to late at night while drifting off to sleep or if you crank it up on a large stereo w/ plenty of bass you have a fairly moving, while still somewhat subdued dance-friendly piece. “Intoxicated” picks up slightly with a nice bit of guitar providing some great depth to the track while the heavy bass and subtle percussion continues to move the album along. The vocals come out a bit more clearly and pronounced on this piece as well, giving it a solid sound. The album drifts along with this mix of pulsating electronics with the heavenly vocals really taking an ethereal style, almost drifting off into the background floating over the various electronic loops and beats. About halfway through the album we hit a definite favorite with “Dont’ Wake Me Up”. On this piece we see each of the prominent elements on this album come out a little more distinct and clearly from the introductory guitar to the heavy pulsating synths and percussion to Fuchsia’s vocals. This makes this a solid track that moves along with a club-friendly structure that will have listeners moving and dancing as well as repeating the catchy ethereal refrain “Don’t Wake Me Up”!

As we drift off into the latter half of the album the tempo shifts down into a series of soft and somewhat dreamy tracks while still maintaining the heavy synth loops and subtle percussion as that foundational sound. With some subtle variety across the various tracks the listener drifts along with each one being fairly enjoyable in their own light. “While I’m Waiting” picks up the intensity a bit, mainly in the pulsating bass, but still moving along nicely. This brings us to “Easier Said Than Done” which really brings on the intensity with the heavy synths while maintaining a mid-tempo, yet heavier sound, similar in many ways to the sound you would expect from Gary Numan. We’re treated with a very electronica-based remix of “Hollow Hearts” before coming to the finale to the album and another definite favorite for me in “Without You”. This final piece captured my attention partially because of the classic Bella Lune sound similar to favorite tracks we’ve heard over recent years. It includes some subtle guitar and the pronounced vocals and percussion in a somber mid-tempo rhythm. This song moves along for nearly four minutes and then we’re presented with a long silence and hidden track of droning dark ambient music for nine minutes to wrap it all up.

With that I think we have another great addition to our collection and definitely a great new chapter for Bella Lune. Again we have a few new classics that we can enjoy for many years to come as the band moves towards their 10-year anniversary we hope to see and hear much more to come.” — Gothic Paradise

“Phoenix synthpop/darkwave band Bella Lune is back on the scene with a stellar (and cleverly-titled) new album called Tranzendance. Holding a dozen tunes featuring dreamy melodies and ethereal vocals from band front woman Fuchsia, Tranzendance also moves to the dance floor with lots of sublime beats. Fans can stream the entire album at Bandcamp and also purchase it there on a name your price basis.” —

Silver Lining Single 2021 Review: 

Modern dystopic poetry juxtaposes dark and light by depicting a pair struggling to transcend into the “Silver Lining” of warmth, comfort, and safety as fear and uncertainty implode society around them.

Immersive, magnetic, and mesmeric textures inspire an organically deep pulsing bassline and steady punchy beats to drive through a lysergic plane of glistening, yet harsh poignant and haunted guitar melodies, cast in distant dim and icy synth twinkles to soothe the fearful angst of soft, and evocative celestial vocals, floating atmospheric and breathless into intoxicating waves of mind-opening sonic infusions.

Cool, mystical auras billow dreamy fantasy through a distressing influx of systemic emergency-inducing visuals. Blurry trace overlays and cloudy neon hues project depth defying dimensions over an intimate performance to calm the mind’s eye of subconscious programming as transition scenes assault the senses with sensationalist global Disturbia thus reminding those who dwell in the chaos that there is always a “Silver Lining.” – White Light // White Heat


Live Performance Reviews:

Finding music of this caliber and a stage show to match in Phoenix, Arizona is really a thing of beauty, but that’s just what Bella Lune delivers. There is hope yet for another breakout band from Phoenix. —Eddie Lebario/DJ Manchester

“Even though I was really late I managed to catch some of Bella Lune’s set or at least the whole performance of the last song and WOW did I miss a show! Bella Lune is a local gothic act that I have only seen once before at a Horns & Halos event. The last song was a dubstep version of The Dolly Pop Song which I thought blew the original out of the water. Please do not get mislead by the word dubstep the song wasn’t as wub wub wub as you would expect. Watching the show from the back I loved how there were many different people performing but my eye wasn’t drawn to one person yet many even the musicians. Two dancers, one on each side, Fuchsia on vocals, Kal3id on guitar, Hurley on synth, R. Duke on drums, Dy on guitar, and Beeka on violin and backup vocals. I really feel like I missed a good show, the energy was good, people were dancing and the music was somewhat unexpected. If Bella Lune ever comes through your town check them out and try not to be late, like me. — Coma Music Magazine”

General Reviews:

“Bella Lune is the brain child of singer Fuchsia and guitarist Kal3id. (not quite a fair description since the two share multiple roles on studio productions.) Since its inception, however, the band’s live lineup has gone on to expand to a sextuplet which includes musicians Hurley, R. Duke, Beeka and Dy. While Arizona may seem like an unlikely place to find a good gothic-garbed group, Bella Lune aptly paint cinematic dreamscapes, combining celestial vocals with driving drums, aerial synths, and fanciful violin. The band’s list of influences includes BauhausSiouxsie and the Banshees, and Depeche Mode. If those bands tickle your fancy, you should definitely lend an ear to Bella Lune. “Transmissions” is a shining example of dance-friendly synth-pop, where “Neverwhere” sets a moodier atmosphere.” — Phoenix New Times

“Discover it with us, that from our angle virtual inspires you to be seduced by the first item in Fuchsia sensual pop-gothic proposed by Bella Lune (yet another confirmation of what Hungry Lucy is stable reference strand in ‘dark’ coy and dreamy). Americans in Arizona, the beautiful Lune is one of the emerging realities in their home and “Transmissions” is a strong footprint in order to deepen knowledge of sound, ‘catchy’ and complacent.” — Darkroom Magazine (Translated from Italian by Google)

“Somewhere between New Wave and Dark Gothic, Bella Lune’s sweet voiced female vocalist and the smooth, hypnotic rhythms of their music provide a delightful mood setting of mystery and seduction. ” — The Naked Life Coach