Into The Void (Nine Inch Nails Cover) – New song release!

We are happy to announce that we just released our studio version of ‘Into The Void (Nine Inch Nails Cover)‘!

It was originally performed for the Virtual Festival 2021. We had so much fun with it that we wanted to release a proper studio recording. You can download directly it from us on our Bandcamp page, stream it anywhere you listen to music, and the video is also on YouTube

This is the second cover song that we have released this year. The first one was ‘Cold (The Cure Cover)‘, which came out in February. Stay tuned for our next one ‘Up The Down Escalator (The Chameleons Cover)’. 

Silver Lining New Song & Video

Our new single ‘Silver Lining‘ is out today, Friday, December 3, 2021! You can get it directly from us on our Bandcamp page or listen on SpotifyApple Music and everywhere else.

We also put a music video out for ‘Silver Lining‘ on our YouTube page.

The last couple of years have been hard for so many people. This song reminds us to find the value in all of life’s events, especially the toughest ones. <3

Check out the amazing review that ‘Silver Lining’ got from White Light // White Heat!


Side by side. Together on this road. Clutching on tightly as society implodes.

Bridge: Here is where I feel most safe, with you, in our hiding place.

Chorus: A silver lining in these traumatic times. Its so refreshing, a ray of light.

Unshakeable fear. Scared of what comes next. A foreboding sense the future is vexed.



released December 3, 2021
Written by Bella Lune. Copyright Aetheria Music.
Bass & Guitar: Hurley. Guitar, Vocals/Lyrics & Programming: Fuchsia
Produced by Fuchsia and Hurley

Ride Or Die – New Single & Video

We will be releasing our new single ‘Ride Or Die‘ on Friday, June 11, 2021! It will be available digitally on our Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else.

We will also release a new music video for ‘Ride Or Die’ on our YouTube page on the same day that the single comes out. The footage for the video was filmed all over Greece, including islands Santorini and Crete.

We performed ‘Ride Or Die‘ during the last couple of virtual performances, but this is the first time anyone will hear the studio version.

Lyrics (written by Hurley):

We stand alone in a crowded room
Often faded and slightly dated, yeah
I found my place next to you
Ride or Die

‘Til I die
By your side
For all time
Ride or Die

Always love you
Put here for you
Perfectly mated and I was created, yeah
To find my place next to you
Ride or Die


You, you are the one I’ll always love
Favorite lover and there is no other, yeah
I just want to be, to be with you
To be with you
Ride or Die