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We are extremely pleased with how well our new album ‘Tranzendance’ has been received by the press, radio stations, DJs and clubs. We got an amazing review from Gothic Paradise and a decent amount of radio and club play so far. Here is a list of the blogs, zines, radio stations and clubs who have supported so far (that we know of). Thank you so much to everyone on this list, and to Zander Buel for helping with promotional efforts. If you have been supporting this release and are not on the list, please let us know!

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Gothic Paradise – Utah
Side-Line – Belgium
Strangeways Radio – Detroit, MI
WFKU – New York
Transmission Lima – Lima, Peru
The DJ Moose Show – Montreal, QC Canada
Aztalan Turf Podcast – Minneapolis, MN USA
Space Radio – Detroit, MI USA
Music Eternal – Utah
Hidden Forms Radio – Chicago, IL – Russia
Alternation – Poland
Dark Horizons Radio
Bloodline 242 My Favorite Blood Music – Japan
Enter The Shadows Radio – Brazil
Peek-A-Boo Music Magazine – Belgium
Bloodlit Radio – Ontario, Canada – Finland
Halcyon Waves – Detroit, MI
MyUGW – Phoenix, AZ
Sputnik Music
ISN Radio – Toronto, ON Canada
Sour Times Club Night – Phoenix, AZ
Futurists Club Night – Phoenix, AZ
DJ Tristan Iseult – Phoenix, AZ
DJ Self.Destrukt – Phoenix, AZ
DJ She – Phoenix, AZ
DJ Dark Mark – Phoenix, AZ
DJ Master Mel – Phoenix, AZ
DJ Beautiful John – Phoenix, AZ

Click on the album artwork below to go to our bandcamp page, where you can name your price for a digital download of the latest release.

Cover art for Tranzendance by Bella Lune
Cover art for Tranzendance by Bella Lune