Silver Lining New Song & Video

Our new single ‘Silver Lining‘ is out today, Friday, December 3, 2021! You can get it directly from us on our Bandcamp page or listen on SpotifyApple Music and everywhere else.

We also put a music video out for ‘Silver Lining‘ on our YouTube page.

The last couple of years have been hard for so many people. This song reminds us to find the value in all of life’s events, especially the toughest ones. <3

Check out the amazing review that ‘Silver Lining’ got from White Light // White Heat!


Side by side. Together on this road. Clutching on tightly as society implodes.

Bridge: Here is where I feel most safe, with you, in our hiding place.

Chorus: A silver lining in these traumatic times. Its so refreshing, a ray of light.

Unshakeable fear. Scared of what comes next. A foreboding sense the future is vexed.



released December 3, 2021
Written by Bella Lune. Copyright Aetheria Music.
Bass & Guitar: Hurley. Guitar, Vocals/Lyrics & Programming: Fuchsia
Produced by Fuchsia and Hurley

Ride Or Die – New Single & Video

We will be releasing our new single ‘Ride Or Die‘ on Friday, June 11, 2021! It will be available digitally on our Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else.

We will also release a new music video for ‘Ride Or Die’ on our YouTube page on the same day that the single comes out. The footage for the video was filmed all over Greece, including islands Santorini and Crete.

We performed ‘Ride Or Die‘ during the last couple of virtual performances, but this is the first time anyone will hear the studio version.

Lyrics (written by Hurley):

We stand alone in a crowded room
Often faded and slightly dated, yeah
I found my place next to you
Ride or Die

‘Til I die
By your side
For all time
Ride or Die

Always love you
Put here for you
Perfectly mated and I was created, yeah
To find my place next to you
Ride or Die


You, you are the one I’ll always love
Favorite lover and there is no other, yeah
I just want to be, to be with you
To be with you
Ride or Die


PhxGoth Virtual Festival Sat 4/24/21

We are excited to announce that we will be doing another live quarantine performance soon, for the virtual festival! It will be a free streaming event and live chat on Saturday, April 24, 2021. We are going to do a Nine Inch Nails cover and 2 original songs. It will be Fuchsia’s first performance with the cello.

The festival will feature quarantine performances By: Lycia (AZ), Bella Lune (AZ), The Spiritual Bat (Italy), Dear Deer (France), Saigon Blue Rain (France), Lore (AZ), Audra (AZ), Deaf Dance (CA), The Wars (Germany), Reaching For Shadows (AZ) and Swearing (OK), DJ Mijito (AZ) & DJ Plastic Disease (CA), with host RedaDax of Nitewave Radio!!The event will be streaming on YouTube and there will be a live chat, so viewers can connect with each other from all over the world.

Streaming link (day of show):

Start Time:
1:00 PM AZ, CA (PDT)
4:00 PM NY (EST)
21:00 UK (BST / UTC +1)
22:00 EU (CEST / UTC+2)

Set Times:
Intro/RedaDax: 1:00 pm PDT / 3:00 CDT (22:00 CEST)
The Wars: 1:03 pm PDT / 3:03 CDT (22:03 CEST)
Saigon Blue Rain: 1:13 pm PDT / 3:13 CDT (22:13 CEST)
Dear Deer: 1:40 pm PDT / 3:40 CDT (22:40 CEST)
The Spiritual Bat: 1:59 pm PDT / 3:59 CDT (22:59 CEST)
Lycia: 2:19 pm PDT / 4:19 CDT (23:19 CEST)
Bella Lune: 2:52 pm PDT / 4:52 CDT (23:52 CEST)
Lore: 3:10 pm PDT / 5:10 CDT (0:10 CEST)
Audra: 3:24 pm PDT / 5:24 CDT (0:24 CEST)
Reaching For Shadows: 3:40 pm PDT (0:40 CEST)
Deaf Dance: 3:58 pm PDT / 5:58 PDT (0:58 CEST)
Swearing: 4:07 pm PDT / 6:07 CDT (1:07 CEST)
DJ Mijito: 4:19 pm PDT / 6:19 CDT (1:19 CEST)
DJ Plastic Disease: 4:49 pm PDT / 6:49 CDT (1:49 CEST)
Outro/RedaDax: 5:19 pm PDT / 7:19 CDT (2:19 CEST)

Time zones:
CEST = UTC +2 = France, Italy and Germany
PDT = UTC -7 = Arizona, California
CDT = UTC – 5 = Oklahoma

New music video & Live Stream Concert Sat. 10/17/20!

Our new music video for ‘A Wish‘, from our album ‘Stardust‘, is out now!

'A Wish' official music video screenshot

‘A Wish’ Official Music Video

The video features new band footage plus crowd sourced video. We want to thank everyone who was involved in the project, including those listed below as well as those who chose to submit their footage anonymously. <3

We also did a live stream show on Saturday October 17, 2020, as a part of the Out Of This World The Cure Italia Virtual Festival! We had a lot of fun. Doing The Cure cover ‘Cold’ was surreal. The song means so much more to us now than ever before.

Here are links to the videos:

Ride Or Die

A Wish

Cold (The Cure cover)

‘A Wish’ Video contributors:

Amy K.
Dinorah Ambar
Fuchsia Angel (coeditor)
Heli Lanz
Hunter Hoffmann
Hurley (coeditor)
Jenny Brundage
Lauren Perry @luckyzombie84
Lydia Wilts
Maxi Millions
Mello Jello
Mike Griffin
Mike Wooley
Miss Kitty Berlin
Purrversia Riot
RiAnn Holsonback @e_xpanse_
Ryan Knowles
Sarah Elizabeth (coeditor)
Stirling Anderson
Tony D’Oporto
Tristan Lanz
Vanessa Ray
Zander Buel

Stardust Album & Single Listener Reviews

Stardust Album – Pre-Order Now

The forthcoming Bella Lune album, ‘Stardust’, is now available for pre-order on our BANDCAMP page! It will be available via (multi-format) download and on a limited edition CD. Those who pre-order the album in any format will get an immediate download of the title track. Those who order the CD will also receive a digital download of the album on September 1, when it is released. The CD master has been submitted to the printer, and will ship to pre-order customers as soon as they are received. Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered the album!!

The song ‘Stardust’ has received some positive reviews from listeners so far. We pasted some of those reviews below. Whitelight-Whiteheat recently included ‘Stardust’ on their “Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips”. The new single, Stardust, is available for preview and download on our BANDCAMP page now!

Stardust Single – Listener Reviews

“I really like the dreaminess of the song. The instrumentals are excellent (love the violin). The vocals are soft and somewhat wispy but still strong and stable sounding. This is one of those songs that I wish were 6-8 minutes long because it really sort of draws me into a mood and almost takes me out of where I’m at (an excellent quality for any kind of art). Really well done.”

“I like the ethereal nature of this song and find it to be quite spiritual and nice. The singer also matches the music in a real way.”

“I think it is a very nice and calming song to listen to. I like how soft the song is.”

“There is a lot of awesome energy in this song that keeps you drawn into listening to the song. I really enjoyed the song.”

“This song has a fresh and catchy beat to it at the start of it. The instrumentals are good and pleasant to listen to and the vocals are as well.”

“I really liked the melody of this song. It was entrancing. I also liked the voice. It drew you in and made you want to keep listening.”

“I like the violins that they use on the instrumental. It sounds pretty solid to me. A good framework for an indie track. The electronic bits were interesting. I enjoyed it.”

“Strange and unique; those are the reasons I strongly enjoy listening to the song. In particular, the instrumental is incredible and I would definitely listen again.”

“This song had a very unique sound. I liked the more ambient feel of the instrumentation. It created a lot of depth. The ethereal and light vocals complimented this sound very well.”

“The production in this song is excellent. I felt deeply immersed into it. The vocals added a nice touch to it as well.”

“I love the use of the violin in this song, it really brings that extra something to a song like this. The vocals are great and overall this song works very very well.”

“I really love the sound of this song. I like the complexity of everything.”

“I really like how calming this song was. I would listen to it again. I would like to hear more from this artist.”

“I really dig this, it sounds excellent. I would be interested in hearing more from this artist.”

“I really like the beat of the song and think the artist has a good voice. The lyrics flow well with the music and I would listen again.”

“I like the underlying sound and beat of this song. An interesting sound and vocals.”

“I like the sound of her voice. The music was produced well. I love the violins. The title of the song was good too.”

“I really like what I hear on this song.”

“Overall, the song was very calming and peaceful.”

Bella Lune ‘Stardust’ album release & music video!

New ‘Stardust‘ music video released on July 21, 2019. Watch it now on YOUTUBE!

Bella Lune will release their sixth studio album titled ‘Stardust‘ on September 01, 2019. The album features 14 new original songs and is 59 minutes long. Fans can pre-order now at: BANDCAMP and get an immediate download of the title track!

Track List:
10 A WISH 

A few songs from ‘Stardust‘ will be played at the following shows/club nights, featuring DJ sets by Bella Lune.

July 25, 2019 – Twin Tribes live show

August, 3, 2019 – Club Nocturne Doomsday 69, hosted by Bella Lune

September 21, 2019 – Club Shadowplay

Nocturne: Cosplay Sat 10/6/18

Bella Lune and PhxGoth present – Club Nocturne: Cosplay
Saturday, October 6, 2018!

Cosplay = Dressing up as any character you want. It can be from a movie, TV show, band/musician, anime, manga, video game, book, comic book, story, etc. You can even put a modern spin on your favorite character… Costumes are encouraged, but all are welcome!

Industrial – Dark Techno – Synth – EBM – Witch house

With DJs:
Bella Lune
Plastic Disease
Tristan Iseult

Sexy performances and GoGo Dancers:
Lydia Wilts (Sideshow)
Dita Savage (Bio Queen)

+ Costume contest (To enter, just dance! Guests will be asked to write their favorite on a notecard. The person/costume with the most votes will be announced towards the end of the night)
+ Candy
+ Sexy visuals all night
+ Free parking

Pub Rock
8005 E Roosevelt St.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85257

Saturday October 6, 2018

Other Info:
$6 with “Going” RSVP before 5pm on the day of event
$8 at the door with no RSVP

Make sure you RSVP/Click “going” on the FB event page to get on the reduced cover list:
Nocturne: Cosplay FB event page

Discography Thumb Drives with new Covers Vol. 1 album!

The Bella Lune Covers Vol. 1 album is available now on these hand-decorated Bella Lune ‘Discography’ thumb drives!! The drives contain the entire Bella Lune discography in high quality mp3 files, along with album artwork and an info file for each release. In addition to the new Covers Vol. 1 album, the thumb drives also contain an Instrumental album that has never been released. The Covers album will be available online on October 1, 2018, and the Instrumental album will only be available on the thumb drives. The Discography thumb drives are shipping on Monday 8/27/18 and are only $25 plus shipping.

Bella Lune Discography Album List:

Abstracted Visions



Ophelia Maxi-Single


Covers Vol. 1


+ New 2018 single “Within Reach”



If you have any questions or trouble with the shopping cart or payment, or if you would like to make special shipping arrangements, please contact us by email at info [at] bellalune [.net]


This release is dedicated to Chuck at Light Pulse Studios, who has been our top supporter since the beginning.


Nocturne Underworld Saturday 6/24/17

Club Nocturne is back with Underworld, another all-night party of dark moody dance music curated by local band and DJ duo Bella Lune and DJ Kevin Brown aka Athan Grey of Nitewave Radio. DJs ///she/// and Lolita are joining them this month to spin gloomy tunes that make people dressed in black move and shake. If that sounds like you, mark your calendar for the bigger dark disco of the month–Club Nocturne: Underworld on Saturday, June 24th.

RSVP on Facebook now for reduced cover at the door. You also get a sneak peak of the new music video for the Bella Lune song “Don’t Wake Me Up.” Nocturne: Underworld starts at 9 and doesn’t let up until 2am.

Pub Rock. 8005 E Roosevelt St, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

New Club Night hosted by Bella Lune: Nocturne!

Club Nocturne Opening Night!

Hosted by Bella Lune and DJ AthanGrey (aka DJ Kevin Brown of Nitewave Radio)

Saturday, January 7, 2017
9 PM – 3 AM


Leather & Latex (or pleather)
Industrial / Synth / Post Punk / Cold Wave / Techno / EBM / Darkwave

Featuring DJ sets by:
DJ AthanGrey AKA DJ Kevin Brown (DJ of NiteWave Radio)
Bella Lune

+ Gogo dancers weaing Vital Vein Fashion latex!
+ Fashion/Art Vendors including MissConstrued, Pink Moon Prophecy and Modifiedminds! Miss Girls reunion!!
+ Live art by birthday girl LuxBot Lächeln!
+ 6 hours of sexy visuals being projected all night!
+ Roaming photographer Jeremiah Toller Photography!

Fuchsia and friend’s Birthday Celebration! – No presents, please just bring your lovely faces! We are also celebrating other fellow capricorn birthdays including LuxBot Lächeln, Manda Marie, Nicole Marie McCord, Nadine Sabulsky, and Jae Sinclair!

If you don’t any have leather, latex, pleather or anything shiny, then come as you are! All are welcome!!

$6 cover with RSVP before 8pm the day of event or $10 for walk-ins. 21+. Doors at 9:00 pm. Open until 3:00 am! There will be a coat check available for $1 and a roaming photographer to document the night, so dress to impress!

In the Monarch Theatre’s Scarlett Lounge. Enter in front, on Washington Street. 122 E. Washington. St. Phoenix, AZ.

More details TBA!!!


* Flyer and cover photo of Fuchsia by: Pixyst Photography. Designer: Vital Vein Fashion