Discography Thumb Drives with new Covers Vol. 1 album!

The Bella Lune Covers Vol. 1 album is available now on these hand-decorated Bella Lune ‘Discography’ thumb drives!! The drives contain the entire Bella Lune discography in high quality mp3 files, along with album artwork and an info file for each release. In addition to the new Covers Vol. 1 album, the thumb drives also contain an Instrumental album that has never been released. The Covers album will be available online on October 1, 2018, and the Instrumental album will only be available on the thumb drives. The Discography thumb drives are shipping on Monday 8/27/18 and are only $25 plus shipping.

Bella Lune Discography Album List:

Abstracted Visions



Ophelia Maxi-Single


Covers Vol. 1


+ New 2018 single “Within Reach”



If you have any questions or trouble with the shopping cart or payment, or if you would like to make special shipping arrangements, please contact us by email at info [at] bellalune [.net]


This release is dedicated to Chuck at Light Pulse Studios, who has been our top supporter since the beginning.


Tranzendance supporters – week 2

Bella Lune ‘Tranzendance’ Supporters – Week 2 Update

Tranzendance Cover Art
Tranzendance Cover Art

Thank you sooo much to everyone who has downloaded and shared the new Bella Lune album ‘Tranzendance’! A huge thank you also goes out to the DJs that have played songs from the album so far! We really appreciate the support on everyone’s part.

I especially want to acknowledge and thank the financial supporters of the album. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit musicandmemory.org, which helps elderly patients in nursing homes through music therapy! Every little bit helps, and you guys are amazing!

SUPPORTERS (as of week 2): 

Chuck Harding – $200
Christi Mcbride – $25
Pedro Correa – $21
David Tapley – $20
Mark (Dark Mark) Tomlinson – $20
Zander Buel – $15
David Antaya – $15
Lisa Prichett – $15
George Piedmonte – $10
Jeffrey King – $10
Christina Cubel – $10
Mikhael Malkov – $7
Erin Rodriguez – $5
Shannon Burritt – $3
Jimmie Payne – $3
Dino Andreu – $2
Cameron Hays – $2
NyQ Bonaventura – $1
Axinia Shade – $1
Deivi Casagrande – $1

I hope everyone is enjoying the album so far! Thank you again!! We love you guys!! <3 Cheers, Fuchsia Video Blog:

Week 2 Update – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5f_YmwWW8Q


Bella Lune Releases Fourth Studio LP ‘Tranzendance’

Bella Lune Releases Fourth Studio LP ‘Tranzendance’

Tranzendance Cover Art
Tranzendance Cover Art

Arizona indie electro group Bella Lune has released their fourth official studio album, Tranzendance, on January 31, 2015, via the band’s self-run record label Aetheria Music.

Their first album since 2013’s Secrets draws on influences from dance-oriented music like EDM, EBM, pop and witchhouse, and adds a more bass-heavy approach to their song template of post-punk and ethereal music. Lyrical topics include introspection in both positive and negative lights, in addition to the politically charged Cease To Exist, which concerns climate change.

The album as a whole is a collaboration between Bella Lune front-woman Fuchsia, keyboardist Hurley and Mike Jenney of Alter Der Ruine. Jenney laid the beats and percussion for each song and provided additional production. Under his side-project Dystonix, Alex King of BlakOpz also contributed a remix of Hollow Hearts, a song from Secrets, adding layers of dance-oriented synths and a heavier atmosphere.

Tranzendance is available for purchase as a digipack on the band’s website http://bellalune.com/. Fans can also name their price for a download of the album on the Bandcamp page http://bellalune.bandcamp.com/. A portion of all proceeds go to musicandmemory.org, a charity that seeks to enrich the lives of elderly Alzheimer’s patients in nursing homes through music therapy.

Bella Lune promo photo 2014
Bella Lune promo photo 2014


Bella Lune is an indie electro group in Arizona that has been writing, recording, and touring since 2007. Lead by singer and songwriter Fuchsia, Bella Lune draws influences from post-punk bands such as The Cure and Cocteau Twins, as well as electronic dance, indie and pop music. Bella Lune released their debut LP Abstracted Visions in 2008 and became a live band in 2009. They toured in Japan and California in 2010. The band released their second LP Synesthesia in 2010, and the Ophelia Maxi-Single in 2011. They toured in Europe in 2012, released the LP Secrets in 2013, and their fourth studio album Tranzendance in 2015.


1. Onward

2. Intoxicated

3. Cease to Exist

4. A Mission

5. Don’t Wake Me Up

6. Effective Immediately

7. Lost

8. This Is It

9. While I’m Waiting

10. Easier Said Than Done

11. Hollow Hearts (Dystonix Mix)

12. Without You


Official Website: http://bellalune.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/bellalune
Bandcamp: http://bellalune.bandcamp.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bellalunemusic

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/bellalunemusic 

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bella_Lune